Bressols. Resumption of fishing with shock measures!

For the past two months, the fishing rods have been lined up wisely in the garages or stored in cupboards. This week marks a great deliverance for the many fishermen from Bresse on the occasion of the opening of the carnivore. These nature lovers all hope to be able to practice again their passion for this spring which invites to explore the banks of our rivers.

In Bressols, it will essentially be on the banks of the Tarn, as Michel Carol, the president of the Pêcheur Bressolais, points out: “All the enthusiasts will be able to fish all along the banks of the Tarn in Bressols, with the perfectly equipped fishing posts, but also further as far as Montauban,” Michel Carol points out.This year, of course, the president is well aware that this opening is taking place in an unprecedented context: “The federation has put into practice a whole set of gestures to be respected in order to combat the spread of the virus.” Patience and a sense of responsibility are inevitable prospects: “I ask all anglers to take precautions and respect the barrier gestures specified by the federation.”

Fishing being a solitary activity, social distancing is always necessary, even for fishermen. Each fisherman must be three metres away from his neighbour and must only use his own fishing equipment”. The equipment bought second-hand will have to be disinfected, the president continued. And then there is the mask, also recommended: “It will be necessary, especially in the case of a card check”. Finally, all fishermen should use hydroalcoholic gel.

When fishing by boat, no more than two fishermen must be on board.

The president hopes that all these recommendations will be respected, even in the case of carp fishing allowed at night, because many fishermen should be getting some fresh air this week: “Retired people essentially, because many are going back to work.” For some, even a bad day of fishing will always be better than a day confined to the house.

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